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Personal Injury

Protecting Your Self

Personal injury law covers many different situations and provides the opportunity for an injured person to sue another person at fault for those injuries.

Personal injury law is often also referred to as tort law and cases are handled in civil, rather than criminal, court.

A person may face both civil and criminal charges for the same action, but the key differences include a lesser burden of proof in civil cases and the fact that civil penalties usually take the form of money damages paid to the injured party.


Workers Compensation

Protecting Your Rights

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping workers, both medically and financially, who have been injured while on the job. Workers' compensation laws are designed to ensure that employees who are injured or disabled on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards, eliminating the need for litigation.

These laws also provide benefits for dependents of those workers who are killed because of work-related accidents or illnesses. Some laws also protect employers and fellow workers by limiting the amount an injured employee can recover from an employer and by eliminating the liability of co-workers in most accidents. State statutes establish this framework for most employment. Federal statutes are limited to federal employees or those workers employed in some significant aspect of interstate commerce.

Criminal Defense Law

Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion, Computer Crimes, Racketeering, Murder, Theft, Molestation, Drugs, Weapons, Sex Crimes, Minors in Possession.

Traffic Law

If you happen to find yourself being charged with a speeding ticket, stop sign violation, or other moving violation. Our legal team at Kodner Watkins Kloecker Weigley & Brison, LC can help you.

Our legal team get results for our clients we can help you. Our results do not mean that you the client will avoid all responsibility for the ticket.

In most cases the court will ask for a fine, driving school, probation, or court supervision. Get traffic ticket help now.